... children of the earth, spanish comtois peasants ...

Brainans, Jura, Franche-Comté, France

This site would be a tribute to our ancestors of Brainans, children of the land, Spanish Comtois peasants. They are the ones who shaped our village and who left it to us as a legacy.

Brainans is a small village located on the edge of the Golden Triangle, near Poligny in the Jura.

The genealogical works include all the acts of the parish registers from 1732 to 1773 and the civil status from 1774 to 1937. They are enriched with information on the content of the parish registers of Bersaillin from 1655 and documents found in the departmental archives notably those of Jura in Lons-le-Saunier (minutes of notaries from the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries, archives of the bailiwicks of Poligny and Dole, censors, clergy and justice archives, etc.) and also regularly supplemented by the data provided by Internet users on shared sites.

If by chance, you detect some errors, we apologize and thank you for reporting them.

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In the context of respect for private life and in order to comply with the regulations in force, information on contemporaries is deliberately hidden from visitors.

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MAITRE (900), BRENIAUX (862), DUMONT (839), MOLIN (305), MONCEAUX (287), POUX (266), GELLION (262), GEILLON (176), VAIVRE (175), GRAS (171), DOUGNIER (158), OLIVIER (136), SAUVAGE (132), GILLON (122), PAILLOT (121), DUMOND (106), POILLEVEY (106), BRUNIAUX (104), RICHARD (101), ANTOINE (100), AUBERT (97), VALLET (88), JACQUOT (84), GAUDRY (77), MAULIN (76), PARIS (73), BOURGEOIS (72), BULABOIS (71), PAULIN (69), PICARD (69), JEAMBEAUX (67), ROMANET (55), DANCRE (52), PROST (50), BREGAND (47), BOISSON (46), MILLET (46), RAMBERT (44), TROSSAT (42), JEANNEAUX (42), JAQUOT (42), DORNIER (42), DUMON (40), ROY (40), TERRUSSOT (38), GUERILLOT (38), PETIT (36), MONNET (35), PANOUILLOT (35), BONNIN (35)
Généalogie de Brainans
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